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James Davis - I’m Going ‘All-In’

Apr 18, 2018 @17:15


Alec Torelli’s Coaching Turned My Poker Dreams Into Reality

James Davis

I’m a former mason and aspiring professional poker player from Holden, Massachusetts.

Growing up, it was always a dream of mine to find a job that allowed me to travel the world, experience new and exciting cultures, meet interesting people, and have enough money to be comfortable yet still do the things I love.

But I ended up working a 9-5 job with bills to pay and months of overdue rent. The dream slowly faded away and reality kicked in.

Then one day after a 2-hour commute from work, I stopped by the casino to test my luck at Texas Hold’em. I’ve always been decent at poker, but I’ve never had the confidence to take the plunge into the professional circuit. I don’t know if it was luck, skill, or the horrid thought of not making rent that month, but that night I had the winning hand! I had a little taste of victory and I didn’t want it to stop there.

How Can I Take My Poker Skills to Next Level?

I asked some of the other aspiring poker players that I knew, and they suggested a training website called ConsciousPoker. I was a bit skeptical at first, but what really drew me in was the fact that I would be getting coached by Alec Torelli, World Poker Champ!

I decided to go all in. I enrolled for a Pro Membership and I now have complete access to Alec’s teaching tools. He comes out with new and innovative ways for me to improve my game. I can’t wait to put my skills to the test on a professional level! I have come such a long way, and I couldn’t have learned these skills without Alec’s guidance.

Alec Torelli is serving the poker community with his unique coaching techniques!

Do you remember your favorite teacher from high school? How about your toughest coach who challenged you and pushed you to your limits? These influential people make you better, stronger, and always thriving for more.

For me, that person is Alec Torelli.

World Poker Champ Alec Torelli is a teacher, coach, and mentor to many people aspiring to become the next big thing in the world of professional poker. Through his online resources, multiple Q&A videos, and his breakthrough online series ‘Hand of the Day’, Alec has single-handedly changed the course of thousands of peoples’ lives, including mine.

People can’t believe I’ve only been playing poker for a year!

Since enrolling in the training website with a Pro Membership, I have played at my personal best and reached goals even faster than expected. After my first few sessions, I was beating players that have been playing for years longer than me.

Training With Alec Has Boosted My Confidence! I’m Thinking Like a Pro and Playing Like One Too!

Aside from building core foundations to help me with my poker skills, Alec has taught me how to carefully read and understand my opponents. This has given my game an edge and keeps me focused. A big obstacle I had to overcome was always being concerned with winning my money back. Alec reassured me that if I stop trying to win back money that’s already gone, I’ll lose sight of what my potential winnings could be. And he was right! As soon as I started thinking like a pro, I was slowly starting to build my bankroll.

ConsciousPoker Has Changed My Views on Money, Life, Health and Mental Wellness.

It’s no secret, I have always wanted to cash in on some kind of ‘big break’ in life. What I’ve learned from Alec and ConsciousPoker is that with hard work, discipline and a little bit of luck, I could make that happen. Alec explained to me that I'd inevitably experience ups and downs while playing poker, but if I was smart with managing my money, patience and knew when to quit, I could withstand the bad swings by using his system. But what’s even better about Alec’s way is that I don’t have to wait for a big break, I could strategically make it happen on my own! Playing poker could open doors for freedom, and by supplementing my playing on the side, I have more opportunity to pursue the things I love, like surfing and travel.

Something that’s made a big difference in my game is my health and mental state of mind. Some sessions could last up to 24 hours! Mentally preparing myself for long sessions helped my game because I’m thinking clearly, making better decisions, and not rushing each hand. By the time I’m sitting at the table with my first two cards on the felt, I’m not thinking about other distractions. I’m focused on strategies and winning.

Improve Your Skills With Alec and Join the Community of Elite Poker Players

​ConsciousPoker has changed my life. It took hard work, discipline, patience, and the Pro Membership, but I got there! Poker used to be an afterthought, hobby, past time activity— a mere game. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be playing amongst some of the most talented players!

Playing with other individuals who take poker seriously has only made me more determined and motivated.

If I’m good enough to compete with the best within my own local poker community, could I one day play at an international level just as Alec did? Could I learn the techniques and skills to win big?

​Learn Cutting-Edge Techniques From Alec and Finally Be Taken Seriously at the Tables

Alec has turned poker amateurs into worthy opponents and groomed experienced players for high-stakes games. He’s even coached the most experienced poker players to beat their personal bests!

Alec’s online coaching system, ConsciousPoker, covers all foundations of the game, both on and off the table. This incredible program has not only opened doors for hungry and ambitious poker fanatics, it’s drastically changed peoples’ lives in the most amazing and lucrative ways possible. He offers various options to help people learn the best way possible! Whether that means online courses, one-on-one coaching, or group coaching sessions, Alec will dedicate his time to those who are willing to put in the work!

Enroll in ConsciousPoker TODAY and reach your full potential with Alec Torelli’s professional coaching system!


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