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If you have all the fundamentals to win, but still aren't crushing, fast track your results.

Have a world class expert look at your specific game and plug your leaks, to grow from ‘good’ to ‘great’

What will you get from Alec?

  • Alec will fly to your city, or work with you virtually
  • Analyze your game
  • Share with you the best of what he’s learned over the past decade
  • Discuss the latest, most advanced strategies
  • Teaching you the skills you need to outplay your competition and stay ahead of the curve.

Alec offers both virtual and in-person coaching options.

Very limited spots are available in your area!

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Alec offers both virtual and in-person coaching options.


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience working with Alec!

"In my opinion, Alec has the most well-rounded view of the game. He's opened up entirely new views about how I think about poker. It's already paid for itself and I knew it would."

Eric Holmquist - Philadelphia
2/5 NL

"Since I began working with you last month I've made $9,000. Before I began being coached I would have made only $3,000 so working with you has literally tripled my results!"

Kaveh - Toronto, Canada
2/5 NL

"I made $26,000 in one month after working with Alec"

Brandon Barlow - Missouri
2/5 NL

'I know from past experience how quickly the investment paid off. It was insane! Today I learned so much information, and I can't wait to put it to use.'

- Brandon Barlow, Missouri $2/$5 NL

'Working with Alec saved me $64,000 per year.'

Joseph Kozah - Dubai, $2/$5 NL

"Alec has a lot to offer. Working with Alec helped me clarify my decision making process. Long term it's going to make me a much better and more profitable poker player."

Scott Moss - New Jersey
2/5 NL

"I am very happy with my results in working with Alec. He's taken what I already do well and improved upon it, and taken the things I don't do well and brought them to a level of competency I never dreamed possible."

Michelle Nastasis, First Known Transgender Professional Poker Player, California

"The preflop adjustments were great. Alec's 'Hand Reading System' has helped me navigate tough spots and get more value from my hands. His mindset training has helped me eliminate tilt and been very useful."

Alfredo - Mexico City
$2/$5 NL

"Working with Alec has been huge for me. I've improved my bet sizing, and feel more confident in knowing when to call and not to call."

Trey R. - Dallas, TX
$2/$5 NL

"You learn so many things you didn't know were going on in poker! If you have the chance to work with Alec GO FOR IT!"

Ron Diaz - Allentown,PA
2/5 NL

Adam learned how to tweak his preflop hand ranges to exploit other players.

He made massive improvements to his game by better understanding how to make calculated post flop decisions by counting combos and correctly identifying his opponents hand range.

He recommends any recreational or aspiring poker pokers to take advantage of Alec's 1 on 1 coaching to expedite their learning.

Adam Toorook - New York, NY
2/5 NL

Adam loved seeing first hand how Alec played various hands in different spots.

He was able to be a sponge and absorb all the key elements that make Alec such a great player.

"Watching Alec play and seeing how he exploits other players and his decision making process was eye opening. I learned how to use a combination of game theory and explotative play to maximize my win rate!"

Adam Horowitz - Miami, FL

"I went from making $45 per hour to $75 per hour in the month that I worked with Alec. I also turned $100 into $7,000 playing tournaments online!"

Brenno - Miami, Florida
2/5 NL

Steve learned about the work he needed to put in to make poker a profitable side hustle.

His biggest takeaway was on bet sizing, when to bet and check based on the texture of the board and unique situation.

Steve was able to quickly become aware of the mistakes he was making and learn simple ways to correct them.

Steve Ramunni - Fort Meyers, FL

Horace was thrilled with his 1 on 1 session with Alec. He learned about all his pre flop and post flop leaks.

Learning to tighten his opening ranges will instantly result in a higher win rate and save some buy ins as well.

Horace loved spending the day with Alec and learning about his approach to life on and off the felt.

Horace - Macau, China

"When you work with Alec and learn the ins and outs of the game, you'll 100% be a better player."

Christos, Netherland,

$2/$4 NL

Alec offers both virtual and in-person coaching options.

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Alec Torelli, high stakes poker player and coach, and founder of

Following the 'Hand Reading System' I've created, I've been able to outplay my opponents, put up consistent results for more than 15 years, and crush some of the biggest cash games and tournaments in the world.

My Results:

Tournament Winnings
$1.5 Million + (millions more in cash games)

Students Taught



With over $1,500,000 in tournament winnings and millions more in both live and online cash games, Alec Torelli is one of the most respected poker players in the industry today.

Known for competing in the biggest cash games in the world while living in Macau, Alec would regularly play in games where you bet a car and get raised a house, and the buy in alone was $1,000,000.

In his 14-year career, Alec has traveled to over 45 countries and been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, Travel Channel, Fox Sports, Cigar Aficionado, Poker News and many more.

Compelled by his passion to share the lesson he’s learned and help others on their journey, Alec has coached players from all over the world. In 2017 he founded Conscious Poker, a poker training site dedicated to transforming good players into great ones.


The decision is now.

Alec offers both virtual and in-person coaching options.