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Take Your Game to the Next Level With Coach Joel

Who this program is for?

You keep trying to get to that next level of poker but feel blocked

You want personalized feedback that is tailored to your game and needs

You are ready to put in the work to improve

You’d like a live and online poker crusher to analyze your game, help plug your leaks, and transform you from good to great

What will you get from Joel?

  • A comprehensive look at your game which can include hand review, strategy discussions, and actionable reports
  • Have your HUD and session data reviewed by a poker crusher with a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics
  • A personalized game-plan to help you reach your poker goals
  • Learn GTO and Exploitative strategies and when to apply each type
  • A full reveal of all the best tips he’s learned in his poker career
  • Assistance with mental game training
  • Learn optimal bankroll management practices
  • Master the skills needed to outplay your competition and stay ahead of the curve

Are you someone who wants more out of the game of poker? Maybe it’s to enjoy your hobby while actually profiting, maybe it’s to develop a side-hustle that can pay the bills, or maybe it’s to take the leap and become a full-time professional. All you know is that you have reached a cross-roads in your poker journey. This is where I come in.

Hello, I’m Coach Joel, and I have several years of experience as a 10 BB/hour winner at live poker stakes up to 5/10 NLHE as well as online stakes up to 3/6 NLHE. And I’m looking to share what I know to beat these games with students that are willing to put in the work.

So much poker material is out there right now, but how much of it applies to your exact situation and goals in this moment? That’s the great thing about private coaching. We can work together to develop a personalized training plan that will allow you to achieve your goals. We can also fast-track your progress and identify leaks that more conventional training products will struggle to do.  We'll also discuss the best ways to improve your mental game and protect against tilt.

I also have a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics and can analyze your HUD data and session data to help you make the right adjustments.  We will also make sure that you are playing your sessions for the optimal amount of time to be at your very best.

To apply to work with me is easy – Simply click the link below and provide the necessary information.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me at  I hope to work with you soon and help you reach your poker goals. 

Joel offers virtual coaching as well as in-person coaching in the Boston area. Contact with questions.

Take A Sneak Peek of Joel in Action...

Coach Joel uses his data analysis background to review his client Gianmarco's HUD statistics and identify any leaks. He can review your HUD and session data and make recommendations to help you become a poker crusher.

Coach Joel provides a fundamentally sound, strategic framework to his client Jugal to help him decide whether checking or betting is the better option.  Joel also reviews Jugal's recent tournament hands, and he can help you analyze your hands to make sure you aren't leaving any money on the table.

Coach Joel provides detailed hand analysis to a Conscious Poker member, Andrew.  

Coach Joel review's Blase's HUD data in extensive detail and provides actionable recommendations for taking his game to the next level.

Joel and Alec discuss the 3 fastest ways to improve at poker which include preflop hand selection, mental game, and study habits.  Joel's coaching focuses on both the technical side of poker as well as intangibles like mental game, study habits, and bankroll management which are essential for long-term success.

Joel offers virtual coaching as well as in-person coaching in the Boston area. Contact with questions.


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience working with Joel!

"Working with Coach Joel allowed me to improve my game and correct my mistakes because he is such a competent poker coach."

"I can certainly say that after working with Coach Joel, I feel more comfortable at the poker table, and I'm sure I'm going to work with him again in the future because I enjoyed working with him."

Gianmarco Farina

"Joel helped me a lot. He organized all my adjustments and all the tendencies that I need to adjust against the player pool and the blinds and the limit I play."

"If you want to improve your game and clarify all your knowledge, or to push your game, I suggest you have a coaching session with Coach Joel."

Shannan Amrani 

Joel offers virtual coaching as well as in-person coaching in the Boston area. Contact with questions.

Joel offers both virtual and in-person coaching options.


Joel Wald has several years of experience as a 10 BB+/hour winner in live poker stakes up to 5-10 NLHE and online stakes including 2-4 and 3-6 NLHE.  Working 1 on 1 with Alec in early 2020 not only inspired Joel to take his game to the next level but also to begin coaching others.

Joel’s entire coaching approach starts and ends with his students’ goals. He is well-versed in preflop and postflop strategy, GTO vs. exploitative play, session management, bankroll management, and mental game enhancement. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics, and he can use data analysis techniques to analyze HUD data and session data in order to plug the leaks in your game. 

Joel always loved poker home games during the poker boom Moneymaker years. He started playing again as a hobby in graduate school in a bar poker tournament league and quickly learned that the best games were the cash games that happened once the tournament was over (and sometimes during).  After reading every poker book he could find, Joel got up to speed and turned his passion into a part-time job. He was a live grinder up until the pandemic hit and has adapted to online games ever since.

Joel lives in Boston with his wife Debra, and outside of poker is an avid chess player, meditator, and one of the biggest sports fans you will meet. He hopes to help others reach their poker goals, find fulfillment, and enjoy this unbelievable game that we all love to play.


The decision is now.

Joel offers virtual coaching as well as in-person coaching in the Boston area. Contact with questions.

Joel offers both virtual and in-person coaching options.