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#1) Frame Work For Success

By learning Alec's winning 'Four Step Process', you'll have a blueprint that you can use to outplay the competition that works in any situation vs. any opponent in any game.

#2) Group Coaching with Alec

Monthly group coaching session with Alec, including open Q&A, which will then be recorded and uploaded to your video library to view at any time.

#3) Private Slack and Facebook Group

Get access to an exclusive community of winning players just like yourself who are looking to take their game to the next level. With oversight from a Conscious Poker Certified Coach and Alec himself, you'll have your questions answered from a successful pros whose are still crushing the games.

#4) Hand Of The Day

Opportunity to submit your poker hands and questions directly to Alec with priority access to be featured in upcoming videos and Pro Membership group calls.

#5) Foundation Videos

Learn Alec's step by step process for how to put your opponents on a hand range in clear, easy to follow videos. These videos will also teach you how to think through hands like a pro by using secrets that only the pros know about. Learn how to properly utilize advanced poker software, and how to review hands like a professional to ensure you're staying ahead of the curve. Comes equipped with worksheets so you can immediately implement everything you've learned.

Course originally sold for $197.00.

#6) Training & Video Library

Improve your hand reading, learn to put your opponents on a hand range, and be more confident in each decision you make at the poker table. Learn Alec's thought process in some of the biggest most most notable hands he's played including those featured on National Television in high stakes cash games like Poker Night in America.
New videos every week.

What Members Are Saying about the program...

Robert wanted to know how the pro's think

Robert really loves the personalized attention Alec gives to every student..

The group connections Robert made in the pro membership were able to take his game to a new level!

All the coaches are supportive and amazing.

Ulas is now a full time pro!
His Hourly Rate Increased Immediately

Prior to joining the Pro Membership Ulas purchase my hand reading mastery course and took his game to a new level.. After joining the Pro Membership and getting access he was able learn new ways to think about poker. The material has given Ulas support and confidence he needed to play for a living now!

"The more you LEARN, the more you EARN."

- Warren Buffet


Do you want to gain a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE at the poker table by uncovering the secret framework of Alec Torelli with Conscious Pokers Pro Membership? From hand reading to fold equity, from advanced range to game theory, the Pro Membership has it all.

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Whether you are looking to move up stakes, earn some extra money each month on the side, or are considering turning pro, the Conscious Poker Pro Membership has all the tools and resources you need to crush your goals.