• 30-day Learning plan including "POKER FUNDAMENTALS" and "MASTERING POKER MATH" bestselling courses with 17 video modules and more than 25 workbooks, charts and graphs for any given situation or poker format.
  • Access to Conscious Poker Library and in depth strategy videos on the most prominent poker topics (live, online, tournaments & cash games).
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  • Access to #AskAlec section in Library with exclusive poker tips
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  • Private CP Facebook Friends group to connect with other members, moderated by CP coaches.


  • 60-day Learning plan including access to everything in GRINDER MEMBERSHIP
  • 30-day PREFLOP MASTERY COURSE including 16 Exclusive Video Modules featuring in-depth strategy for limped pots, raised pots, blind play, playing in position, adjusting to raises, playing vs 3. bets, straddled pots, All-In situations, and more.
  • Extensive homework material and Alec's exact step by step decision making process in every hand he plays pre flop.
  • 10 custom made spreadsheets that tell you exactly what hands to play from each position, both for full ring and 6-max play.
  • Alec's unique preflop formula for raise sizing, both with initial raises and 3-bets.
  • Access to 15 new videos every month
  • Monthly LIVE call with Alec
  • Access to Mastermind group calls archive
  • Individual Player Assessment by CP Coach (Annual Subscribers Only)
  • Private CP Facebook Membership group to connect with other members, moderated by Alec and a CP coach. Guaranteed response.


  • 90-day Learning plan, including access to everything in GRINDER and PRO MEMBERSHIP
  • 30-day HAND READING FOUNDATION COURSE including 10 Exclusive Video Modules featuring how to effectively put your opponent on a hand range, master combo counting, pot odds and math, and make winning decisions at the poker table.
  • Access to exclusive replays of Alec's coaching sessions with VIP clients
  • Access to Alec's Academy Mastermind Group Calls

  • Access to 25 new videos every month
  • Private VIP Slack channel moderated by Alec personally 
  • AskAlec Direct Questions where he makes you direct video responses 
  • Individual 60 min coaching call with Alec (Annual subscribers only)

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