Turn Poker Into a Profitable Side Hustle

The Ultimate Poker Business Program

Alec's Academy is an exclusive mastermind engineered to help you win 2k per month playing poker on the side or turn it into a profitable full time endeavor.

It's the ultimate poker business course which expands upon the best of what Alec has taught in his private coaching practice, covering everything from leveraging your image to the mental game, from mastering the art of hand reading to how to study poker like the pros.

Here's What's Included

♠️ An 8 week program to help you turn poker into a profitable side hustle, build a stable business plan, correctly manage your bankroll and give you the tools to play and study like the pros.

♠️ Worksheets to help you implement everything you've learned.

♠️ Group coaching calls led by me where you'll plug in to a small, close knit community of like minded players.

♠️ A one on one coaching call with Alec where he'll iron out any kinks in your game and help you break through to that next level.

♠️ Access to a private community moderated by Alec and a Conscious Poker Coach where you can ask questions, get feedback and support from other members on a daily basis.

Who is Alec Torelli?

Hi I'm Alec Torelli, high stakes poker player and coach, and founder of ConsciousPoker.com.

Alec's Academy takes the best of what I've learned both playing and coaching poker for the past 15 years and condenses into an easy to follow program to help others create a sustainable poker business.

It's the program I wish I had when I was looking to get more serious about the game.

What Others Are Saying

' I went from making $20 an hour to over $100 per hour after graduating from Alec's Academy!'

Kevin Torres

'If you're thinking of joining Alec's Academy, I'd say definitely go for it!'

Nick Vlismas