Alec Torelli's Quick Start Guide to Preflop Play

Not sure whether or hold'em or fold'em? Download Alec's 'Preflop Play Guide' to know exactly how Alec decides which hand he plays in every pre flop scenario. You can use this complete guide in every hand you play to gain an edge on your opponents. 

What you'll get:

  • Step by step 8-page PDF guide.
  • Learn how to Adjust your Opening Range by using the 'Big 5 Factors' to give you an edge. 
  • Optimize Your Raise Size with the 'Pre 3' Approach
  • Gauge your opponents 'Calling Threshold' and use it to your advantage
  • ​Includes Pre-flop Charts and a Cheat Sheet to give you a solid idea of which hands to play.

  • ​I used to sell this guide as part of Preflop Mastery, but I'm giving it away free for a limited time. Download it now before I come to my senses and take it down...

What they say about Alec:

“I've used Alec's 'Preflop Play' to systematically decide when I should fold'em or hold'em. I've been able to moved up in stakes and win at $5/$10 and beyond."

Kevin Benetiz

Pro Poker Player

​“Alec's simple to follow strategy guide made it much easier for me to navigate the tricky preflop situations I would face. Now I feel confident that I can pinpoint what my opponents are holding in each hand I play against them."

Sean McDonough

Pro Poker Player