Preflop Mastery Program is the ultimate course to mastering the art and science of preflop play, for both cash game and tournament play.

Learn to isolate weaker players, exploit your opponents, optimal 3 betting strategy, and which hands to play from each and every position.

With a 16 part video series, 10 custom designed hand range charts and practical tips to implement this strategy into your own game, you’ll complete this program feeling more confident and sure of your decisions, giving you a competitive advantage over your opponents.

Engineered specifically for small to mid stakes live games. Applicable to both cash games and tournaments. 

What People Are Saying:

"I am very happy with my results in working with Alec. He's taken what I already do well and improved upon it, and taken the things I don't do well and brought them to a level of competency I never dreamed possible."

Hooman Farah, $5/$10 NL, Las Vegas

THE MOST IMPORTANT Decision in poker...

Preflop is the first decision you make at the poker table. 

It’s arguably the most important.

That’s because if you make a mistake preflop, the cost of having poor fundamentals goes far beyond that one single bet. 

Instead, your error compounds throughout the hand.

And that innocent call you made preflop ends up costing you 10, 20, or even 50 bets on a later street.

All because of a simple, preventable preflop mistake.

The good news is that these mistakes can virtually be eliminated.

In the Preflop Mastery Program you’ll learn everything you need to master your preflop fundamentals and take advantage of never before seen opportunities.

Playing correctly preflop is more than simple avoiding so-called ‘trap’ hands like King-Jack offsuit when out of position. 

​It’s knowing how to dominate loose players who seem to play any two cards.

It's having a rock solid plan against those aggressive bullies who 3-bet you.

It's feeling absolutely confident that with every decision you make, you're gaining an edge.

... and that's what you'll get, and more inside Preflop Mastery.

What's Inside Preflop Mastery:

Sample Video: Developing an Effective Exploitative Limping Strategy





Table of Contents:


MODULE 1: The Secret to Winning at Poker: 3 Part Video Series


MODULE 2: Exploiting Limpers
MODULE 3: Developing an Effective Exploitative Limping Strategy
MODULE 4: Which Hands to Play When Facing Raises
MODULE 5: How to Adjust When Facing 3-Bets


MODULE 6: Taking Advantage of Playing in Position
MODULE 7: Playing When Out of Position
MODULE 8: Maneuvering in 3-Bet and 4-Bet Pots
MODULE 9: Finding Creative Edges from the Blinds
MODULE 10: Playing in Straddled Pots


MODULE 11: Profitably Navigating Tough Situations
MODULE 12: Playing Against Aggressive Opponents
MODULE 13: Game Theory Optimal (GTO) vs. Exploitative Play Preflop
MODULE 14: Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

8 Reasons to Join Preflop Mastery:

  • Preflop play is arguably the most important because your decision to play the hand affects every other decision you will make.
  • You cannot win at poker without solid preflop fundamentals.
  • Preflop is where most players make the biggest mistakes.
  • Mistakes you make preflop compound throughout the hand, and end up costing you a fortune.
  • Because a few avoided mistakes or situations you took advantage of pays for the entire program.
  • Because investing in yourself is one of the most effective ways to get better.
  • Because I wouldn’t sell you something that wasn’t worth the money.
  • Because you have 100% money back guarantee. If this isn't worth 2x what you paid, simply email us and we'll refund you immediately.


  • A 7 page PDF that covers the foundation of preflop strategy.
  • 10 custom made spreadsheets that tell you exactly what hands to play from each position, both for full ring and 6-max play.
  • My preflop formula for raise sizing, both with initial raises and 3-bets.
  • How and when to mix up your game depending on your unique circumstances.
  • The 5 factors you must consider before making any decisions preflop. 
  • 16 Exclusive Video Modules featuring in-depth strategy for limped pots, raised pots, blind play, playing in position, adjusting to raises, playing vs 3. bets, straddled pots, All-In situations, and more.

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I'm offering you this freeroll because I'm confident the information you'll gain in Preflop Mastery will earn you more than you invest in this program.

If after taking the program you don't feel it was worth twice what you paid for it, simply send an email to support@consciouspoker.com or get in touch with us and we'll give you a full refund.